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The best of 2010

December 23, 2010

OK, the original plan was to push right through the holidays, and then I got… the flu.  Not The Swine Flu, but something nasty, and forming complete sentences, while standing up, while using an audible voice, well, that was too tricky.

I’m better now, but I think I’m going to take this as a hint, slow down a bit for the holidays, and come back strong in 2011.  Lucky for me, the last video’s ask for the best videos so far makes for a nifty list to round out the year, so here’s some stuff that other people found really helpful and you might enjoy also:

No matter what you do at this time of year, I hope you and your family do it well, and let’s focus on an amazing 2011!


Inspired by a comment by James on our “good for you/bad for you binary diet” post, I want to take a quick survey – it’s quicker if you skip the 4:30 video below, but then I’ll be sad:

When you went vegan, did you throw out the animal-based foods in your kitchen, or did you wait until they were eaten and just didn’t buy any more? Related to that, what was your primary motivation for going vegan at the time?

My answer’s in the video, put yours in the comments!


Nutrition quick-tweak: try the “Binary Diet”

September 14, 2010

Is there a difference, when describing what you eat, between “not very good for you” and “bad for you”? Does “bad for you” even get used in your vocabulary for anything other than cigarettes? In this 3 minute video, I talk a bit about this and come up with a “binary diet” challenge that I […]

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About the name Staying Vegan – part one

September 10, 2010

Let’s try something new: Our site’s name confuses people sometimes – they say they could never go back to eating animals, but then why does the vegan population stay the same size? I think we choose to stay vegan more often than we choose to go vegan – a lot more often. Spend 3 minutes […]

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