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Hello everyone, and to our American subscribers, I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend! I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize it was a holiday today until I got an email from someone expressing condolences that I had to work, but here’s the thing: when you do the stuff you really love doing, every day is a long weekend.

.We had a TON of subscribers join in the past week, so pleas welcome Kristel, Jane, Martha, Melanie, Saraswati, Liz, Robin, Ria, DK, Ahbra, Crystal, Christine, Erin, Helen, Jessica, Heather, and Jeffrey to Team Tasty! If you’re new or even if you’ve been around for a while, please let me know what you think and how we can be even more helpful – as always, hit me up on the contact form.

From the logs, it looks like a lot of you joined after reading the Can’t, Won’t, or Don’t? post from last week, which also generated some great feedback! I’m working on a followup, but please check it out if you missed it the first time around.

Now for this week’s main lesson…

Sometimes the only way to win is not to play

There are a lot of you who tell me that you’re looking for ways to deal with meat eaters who are, let’s say, less than supportive of your choices. This week I’ve got a new idea on how you’re actually being perceived that might help:

First, let me tell you about Bob and Barry from accounting. That’s not their real names, and they’re not in accounting, but if you work in an environment with people over 40, you’ve probably met Bob and Barry.

See, Bob and Barry are getting older, and they’ve got a little competition going as to who can get older faster. Of course, older doesn’t mean wiser, more experienced, more enlightened, or anything positive – to Bob and Barry, older means closer to the grave.

I don’t know who was the first to start taking blood pressure medication, but let’s say it’s Bob, and you’d better believe that Barry was jealous that he didn’t get to tell that story of getting older first. All Barry could do was tell everyone else about Bob, and how he was just one doctor’s visit away from getting even more powerful drugs, because hey, what can you do? We’re all getting older and need help, right?

And these young pups in the office! Oh, Bob and Barry can’t wait until they start to break down like they did. Some of them even try to exercise every day! Bob tried that once, but luckily Bill (you remember Bill, right? He was in accounting too, but he passed away last year) talked him out of it, because it’s all about quality of life, and you’re gonna get older one way or the other, so why waste time in the gym?

Bob and Barry love their game, but when you really look at it, it’s a competition to see who has the worst life. These games are fun, because it’s really, really easy to get into the top ten. But here’s the thing:

When you tell people you’re vegan, you’re telling them you’ve decided you’re vibrant and healthy, and you’re not competing in their game anymore.

Think about how Bob and Barry must feel about that!

This is kind of like you’re a kid who’s decided to pack up her toys and go home, and the reaction you get from meat eaters is sometimes kind of like that, but you see, they’re not upset because you’re a sore loser.

No, they’re upset because not only did you take your toys and go home, but your home is a MAGNIFICENT CASTLE.

Bob and Barry can’t live in a castle like you do, because it’d mean that they’d have to give up their favourite game, and even though that’s exactly what you did, and you’re clearly thriving because of it, they still believe that they can’t have what you have.

So they mix it into their game. There’s something about your situation that makes it impossible for them to do what you do. Or maybe it’s just too far out of their belief system (remember, they’ve been playing this game for years!) that they just know it’s not going to work, and you’re going to end up just like them anyway.

And most common of all, Bob and Barry are waiting for you to give up, come out of your beautiful castle, and rejoin their game.

The way I see it, you’ve got two options here. You can stay in your castle and enjoy life and just ignore the Bobs and Barrys of this world, but frankly, they’re not going to go away, and they’re still going to be bitter that you’re not playing with them. The other option is to try to get them to build their own castles. I just know that Bob’s will have a moat with a yacht in it, because that’s how Bob secretly rolls.

When you’re dealing with the Bobs and Barrys of this world, drop little details about your castle from time to time. That project you worked late on? Couldn’t have happened without the mental clarity you get from a clean diet. Bob and Barry are competing to see who had the worst night’s sleep? Huh, you slept like a baby and woke up refreshed and alert – maybe because you didn’t load up on hard to digest foods at 9PM like they did.

Bob and Barry will come around, but you have to recognize the game they’re playing, and realize what it really means when you change the rules.

Survey results!

Last week’s newsletter had a survey about dating – I’d been doing some reading and was looking into ways we could help with the world of dating, so I sent out a few simple questions.

First of all, let me announce the book that I quoted from last week – I already revealed it in Office Hours, but here it is: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss.

That’s right, pickup artists.

It turns out they’re really persuasive, and I’ve found that persuasion in one niche often translates really well into another, such as activism and outreach, and in this case it avoids a lot of the ethical quandries faced by the seduction community (which, as I said during office hours, can be huge.)

The book’s a fun read too, and you might get some insights into activism along the way, just like I did. The link in this newsletter gives me a small kickback if you use it, or you can go to your local bookstore and ask for it – it you’re not too embarrassed 🙂

Oh yeah, the survey! I was amazed how many people responded (you had to actually send me an email, which most marketers will tell you is a really lousy way to get input) so thanks so much!

Most of you were women. That’s more to do with this list – check the names of this week’s subscribers – but the consensus is that there are generally a lot more vegan women than men out there.

Most of you were in relationships already. Hmmm, maybe the response rate was because you wanted to brag? I kid, I kid…

Your partners were all over the map – some of you were vegans dating vegans, but just as many were dating omnivores. Many of you both started out omnivore and one or both of you changed to vegans over time. Pretty much every combination was represented.

Lastly, and this should come as no surprise, vegan men said the “pickings” were awesome, and vegan women generally said the options were named Slim and None, and oh, Slim left town.

I’m still working through some ideas, but they’ve all changed a lot since I asked for your input, so thanks again!

This week’s question is a simple one: approximately how many vegans do you personally hang out with in your city or town? Also, let me know if they’re family or not.

I’m incredibly lucky in Toronto where about 80% of my social circle is vegan, but I know that’s not the case for a lot of you, so if you could give me some idea of what you’re dealing with, it’ll go a long way towards making more effective newsletters and site posts!

As always, you can use the contact form and it’ll get right to me.

Office hours, take two!

OK, you can now read the newsletter as an email, read it online, listen to the MP3, or watch it as a video, and last week we introduced a live version.

That was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who tuned in! We’re going to do it again this Thursday, same time (2PM NYC time), same channel – check Taste Better (or our Twitter account) for the link or just go here (you can watch last week’s show there too.)

This week we’ll cover what’s in the newsletter and also tie it into some site posts, answer questions, and I might even prove why the moon landing was a hoax! Or not. Tune in to find out!

Also, Thursday at 2PM Eastern time is totally arbitrary, and while you can watch the recordings, the live version with the integrated chat is much different, so please let me know what time would be better for you!

What’s ahead this week

The number of sites we’re running keeps growing, so here’s a quick look at what’s ahead on the Better Network in case anything catches your interest:

Taste Better just got an update this morning about fighting the rise of fur that I’m pretty happy about, and I’ve got something in the works for Wednesday about how to avoid burnout that has me really excited! We’ll also have the usual Thursday and Saturday posts.

Vegan Porn is going to get a newsletter this week! Oh, and while I normally say the name might not be safe for work but the content is, I’ve started a theme for Saturdays where we look at how animals, er, “do it.” Nothing different from what’s on a nature show on TV, but you’ve been warned. Other content going up Tuesday and Thursday.

Barnivore keeps getting updated, and we’re working on refining the mobile phone interface this week. Mostly business as usual…

Spawn Better covered breastfeeding last week, and this week we’re going into how to deal with animal industry propaganda on children’s television. I’m just starting the writeups, so I’m not sure what days will have updates yet. Lots of great ideas from the Council of Vegan Parents to share though!


I must have spent five hours last week replying to emails from subscribers of this newsletter, and I loved every minute of it. Thanks for the feedback, ideas, inspirations, and for simply reading.

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