Office Hours, 2PM: The Heist!

February 18, 2010

Today at 2PM Eastern (Toronto/NYC time) we’ll be digging into this week’s newsletter content in even greater detail with a live video session.  Missed the newsletter or want a refresher?  Here’s a 9 minute video version:

“The Heist” is a great technique to get past the cynical, doubting mental blocks that people put up even before they ask you why you’re vegan so you can deliver a quick message that’ll actually reach their brain.  It’s the basis of a lot of my work online (especially on Vegan Porn) and I hope you enjoy this walkthrough!

RSVP (and watch) here! If you’ve never attended office hours before, please join up 5 minutes early so you can set up your account (it’s free) that’ll let you participate in the live chat portion – it’s getting to be more entertaining than watching me!

Want an email reminder before each session (and notification of bonus sessions)? Sign up for our notification list!

See you at 2!  And hey, while you’re waiting, here are some recordings of past sessions!

Update: Here’s this week’s recording! Lots of fun in the live chat, thanks so much to everyone who was able to join, and we’re going to work on some different hours real soon!

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