Monday One-Day: Grapefruit Juice

February 8, 2010

Today’s single-ingredient juice is grapefruit. I honestly don’t remember if this was a red, pink, white, or teal* grapefruit, but this is one of my favourite pick-me-up juices for the morning:

As with all juices, your throughput will vary according to the size of the fruits used and to a lesser extent your juicer, but I’m finding that 2 grapefruits fill up a pint glass pretty nicely.  I use the Jack LaLanne juicer for this one.

Grapefruits are crazy good for you and have a relatively low sugar content. I thought the facts presented here were pretty interesting, including the study where people who ate grapefruit with every meal lost weight – I’m not going to look into it too much (too many other great fruits and vegetables to try!) but just knowing I can nail my vitamin C and A RDAs with one glass of juice is pretty cool.

This is also one of the examples of what I love about juicing: I find my teeth get sensitive if I eat too many citrus fruits in a week (like, more than one every other day or so,) so juicing is a great way to enjoy the flavours with less irritation.

* one of these varieties is made up. Guess which one!

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