Piven demonstrates the Big Scare

June 20, 2009

Actor Jeremy Piven had a mercury scare a while back, which was so bad that he had to leave the theatre production he was working on – apparently his blood mercury levels were 6 times what’s considered “normal” (and don’t you think it’s weird that we’ve gone from “acceptable in an imperfect world” to “normal”? I mean, ideally shouldn’t the normal level of mercury be about zero?), attributed to the fact that he ate fish twice a day for 20 years.

Anyway, he hasn’t had fish since.

And that, sadly, is how things work: Big Change usually comes from a Big Scare.

For a lot of us, the Big Scare came from a (gradual or sudden) realization of how our food choices were affecting the animals or the planet. For others, we got The Talk from the doctor. Sure, many of you just figured things out on your own and realized that a plant based diet was simply a better way to go, but Big Life changes often require significant motivation.

And some people never get scared enough. Some people make it to age 102 smoking cigars, and never mind how many thousands of people die at 50 from the same lifestyle, everyone holds onto the hope that they’ll win the lottery.

I’m not suggesting that we start scaring the bejeezus out of people to effect change, but simply that we need to realize how hard change can be.

Oh, and I found this via Mark Hawthorne’s Twitter account. You are following Mark on Twitter, aren’t you? For less exciting stuff, you can find me at @jasondoucette and this site at @tastebetter.

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