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the flu shot

Today’s question comes from Sami, who was wondering about veganism and the seasonal flu shot – thanks Sami!

Some links from the video: we talked about vaccinations for vegan-raised children over on Spawn Better, and the word from science is that plant-based vaccines are on the way.  Seriously, plant-based stuff is going to win pretty much every time – it’s cheaper, more predictable, and more reliable, but it takes time to implement systems that can generate millions of doses (the egg-based vaccine infrastructure is 50 years old!)  This won’t avoid the animal testing issues, but that’s the case for basically all medicine, as I understand it.

The usual disclaimers apply here: this isn’t medical advice, yadda yadda yadda, but I’d love to hear your opinions.  Did you get a flu shot?  Has your opinion on them changed since the H1N1 pandemic?  Let us know in the comments!