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Defending veganism in business

December 15, 2010

We’ve talked around this one in previous videos and comments, but there’s a perception out there that it’s hard, if not impossible, to be vegan if you do a lot of business networking and the associated meals. Naw. In fact, I’ve got a new comeback at the ready in case it ever comes up:

The story I’m talking about is The Rise of the Power Vegans, which I kind of made fun of here [URL NSFW, content fine and dandy], but hey, in the right setting, it’s possibly useful.


Ely asked for ideas on ways to engage nonvegans who claim to love animals, even though they participate in killing animals every day.  I’m pretty sure everyone’s met someone like this – for instance, I’ll never forget the day that a co-worker saw a bird with a wing problem on the way into the office, and spent the whole morning worrying about this bird, and at lunch had – you guessed it – chicken wings.

I don’t have snappy comebacks for this situation, or at least not ones that will help the situation.  In fact, it’s more about what you don’t say that matters, I think:

Pop quiz: this video quickly covered 3 areas of a topic in 6 minutes. Would it be better to do 3 videos of 3 or 4 minutes each to dig a bit deeper, or is it better as a package? I’ve done it both ways in the past, but would really like some feedback, so let me know in the comments, along with the stuff I asked at the end of the video!