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OK, it turns out this is video 71 in the series, so yes, more than 60 like I said in the video, but “more than 70” sounds so much cooler.

I make these videos for you, but also for me, and honestly, mostly for me.  They’re things I need to prepare for as I go about my life, and I’m happy to share them, but as I pointed out in today’s video, I need to watch them as much as anyone:

So here’s what I want to do this weekend: which videos of the past 70 have made the biggest difference for you? Was there one that really clicked, or helped you right away with a problem you were trying to work out? Let me know which one it was in the comments, because I want to turn this into a top ten list of sorts, as chosen by you – not to make myself look awesome, but to figure out what’s working and help other people find the best stuff.

You don’t need to put the links, just say which video has been the biggest help and I’ll link it up later. I’m taking a bit of a risk here, so please don’t leave me hanging! 🙂