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It’s time-saving week here at Staying Vegan, and today we’re digging a little deeper into saving time preparing your delicious vegan meals.  As I said yesterday, there are some simple tricks you can do to save time (and there are some great ideas in the comments) but I want to take this a different way and present some concepts you might not have considered before.

Why haven’t you thought about them?  Because they’re blindingly obvious, but only when said out loud: the key to saving time preparing meals is to spend less time preparing meals, and doing one thing means not doing another thing.  Cryptic much?  Here’s a better explanation:

Tomorrow I’ll give the first of two examples of something I’ve chosen to do, at the expense of something I actually enjoy, because my goal is to get to that magic 2 minutes of savings that’s going to yield me 12 hours of extra time over the course of the year.


This week we’re going to be talking about saving time in the kitchen – both because it’s the number one thing people ask about when they subscribe to the newsletter, and also because it’s been on my mind a lot! Between running a company and raising a baby, it’s been a real challenge to find time to make these videos, so I’ve been thinking a lot about how to optimize my day so I can spend more time on the things that are important to me.

Guess what? It’s not about the recipes you pick:

So yes, it’s not about making food in big batches, or using a slow cooker, or managing leftovers, but that’s all part of it, which we’ll explore later in the week. Key theme: save 2 minutes a day in the kitchen, and you get 12 hours of extra time this year. If you can save more, you get even more, but let’s start with something that’s achievable for everyone.

Today’s homework question: how much time do you spend on the average dinner? Let me know in the comments!