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It’s time-saving week here at Staying Vegan, and today we’re digging a little deeper into saving time preparing your delicious vegan meals.  As I said yesterday, there are some simple tricks you can do to save time (and there are some great ideas in the comments) but I want to take this a different way and present some concepts you might not have considered before.

Why haven’t you thought about them?  Because they’re blindingly obvious, but only when said out loud: the key to saving time preparing meals is to spend less time preparing meals, and doing one thing means not doing another thing.  Cryptic much?  Here’s a better explanation:

Tomorrow I’ll give the first of two examples of something I’ve chosen to do, at the expense of something I actually enjoy, because my goal is to get to that magic 2 minutes of savings that’s going to yield me 12 hours of extra time over the course of the year.