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Today’s question comes from Sami, who was wondering about veganism and the seasonal flu shot – thanks Sami!

Some links from the video: we talked about vaccinations for vegan-raised children over on Spawn Better, and the word from science is that plant-based vaccines are on the way.  Seriously, plant-based stuff is going to win pretty much every time – it’s cheaper, more predictable, and more reliable, but it takes time to implement systems that can generate millions of doses (the egg-based vaccine infrastructure is 50 years old!)  This won’t avoid the animal testing issues, but that’s the case for basically all medicine, as I understand it.

The usual disclaimers apply here: this isn’t medical advice, yadda yadda yadda, but I’d love to hear your opinions.  Did you get a flu shot?  Has your opinion on them changed since the H1N1 pandemic?  Let us know in the comments!


The more I think about this as I edit the video, the more irritated I’m getting, but if I reshot this one I’d just end up ranting. Oh, and I’m wearing something with colour. Don’t be alarmed:

What’s your take?  Is there value in these discussions?  If not, how do you get out of them?  Because these are actual things that happen to all of us, not bizarre hypotheticals like if you were talking about an obscure possibility of eating meat with your friend… ON THE MOON.  (Maybe I’ll just say I only have these discussions on the moon, which is almost equally likely as the absurdity that’s been brought up. And no, I’m not chipping in for gas.)


Where do you get your vegan nutrition information?

September 23, 2010

A quick followup from Tuesday’s post, not about vitamin D but about another subtle concept (that I’m about to make non-subtle.)  Take 3 minutes to find out that there are two many JAGs on the internets, and let me know in the comments where you get your vegan nutrition information! I’ll talk more about this […]

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Nutrition quick-tweak: try the “Binary Diet”

September 14, 2010

Is there a difference, when describing what you eat, between “not very good for you” and “bad for you”? Does “bad for you” even get used in your vocabulary for anything other than cigarettes? In this 3 minute video, I talk a bit about this and come up with a “binary diet” challenge that I […]

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Finding a vegan-friendly doctor for your child

March 23, 2010

One of the biggest concerns we’re hearing from expectant vegan parents is about finding a supportive pediatrician and family doctor – it seems to be hard enough to find someone for ourselves, so what about small children? We turned this over to the Council of Vegan Parents: how did they find a veg-friendly pediatrician, or […]

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