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Saving money as a vegan isn’t totally necessary, because our food isn’t as expensive as you’d think, but hey, why not keep a little money in the bank to fuel projects like the drinkaphone?

Every grocery store I’ve ever been to has them: the discount produce rack.  Sure, they might look a little wrong, but there are lots of ways to hide that: freeze ’em for later, put ’em in smoothies or sauces, or just cut around the really bad bits (though frankly, there’s usually a good enough selection that you don’t need to pick the really nasty looking ones.

Tomorrow I’m going to share some tips from my non-vegan stepmother, but here’s what happens every time I announce a multi-parter: someone in the comments gives it away and then it looks like I’m stealing the idea from them by posting the exact tip before the next video goes live.  Well, the joke’s on you this time, because I already recorded the video and you can tell because I’ll be wearing the same clothes and my magnificent beard will still be there.  All you’ll have is bragging rights, so go to it: what’s my next tip going to be, and if you’ve scored anything as magnificent as 8 organic lemons for a buck, now’s the time to brag in the comments!