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I wanted to wrap up saving time in the kitchen week with something a little more fun than a relentless push for efficiency, so here’s a great way to make more elaborate meals while getting to spend time with friends:

The book I mentioned is called The Millennium Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine [affiliate link], which is actually a vegan cookbook, but it’s not one I’d recommend for your first vegan cookbook ever, since it’s a little fancy pants, but that brunch was pretty darned tasty.

By the way, the concept I’m introducing in this video is called “stacking” and it’s an alternative to multitasking.  Multitasking has been shown to suck majorly for humans, mostly in business environments but also pretty much everywhere else.  We’re just not as good as computers at it, and even though the “it lowers your IQ more than marijuana” study has been discounted, the productivity experts I’ve studied seem to advocate one thing at a time.  Of course, a kitchen environment usually means a lot of bouncing between tasks that are all happening at the same time (you chop the celery while the onions cook and somehow you’re also mopping up a spill, etc) but bringing in friends can at least reduce some of that.

Where stacking comes in is the layering of complementary tasks together, so one doesn’t take away from the ability to do the other – think going for a walk while listening to an audio book, versus checking your email while having dinner with your family. In this case, you’re cooking a great meal and spending more time with friends (although the two are separate if you’re bringing the food to someone else’s house, the actual meal is a combination of your efforts.)

What else, in the kitchen and in your life, can you do at the same time without sacrificing the results of each activity?


I think this came from a comment Erin made, but I’m already 12 hours late on this one so sorry for not checking 🙂

There’s a concept I hear a lot, and I’ve fallen into it from time to time, that there’s a “vegan food continuum”: a logical progression from omnivore to vegetarian to vegan… and then to raw, to fruit or juice, then to cosmic rays or whatever.  I’ve met people who believe the first half of that, the second half, or the whole thing, but you know what?  I think it’s crap, and we need to be happy with our own destinations:

What about you? Do you adhere to a vegan food continuum?  Is veganism just a step on a journey for you?  Did you know it was your destination before just now?  Do you think there’s a logical connection between vegetarianism and veganism? (if you comment on this part without watching the video, please say so!)  Let me know in the comments – this is new thinking for me, so I’d love to get some feedback!


Successful veganism isn’t about the food

December 10, 2010

Erin called me out in the comments about last week’s newsletter, thinking I was advocating a progressively more restrictive vegan diet (and again Erin, thanks for the feedback and it’s not your reading, it’s my writing that’s to blame for the confusion.) The truth is, you could eat nothing but mashed potatoes and vitamin pills […]

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“Keep trying new foods until you’ve tried them all”

December 3, 2010

Today’s video isn’t a response to a reader question, but it is a response to a reader comment, and hey, haven’t the comments this week been amazing?  In response to the vegan product selection in smaller towns video, Jinkies! (you have to pronounce the exclamation mark like I do in the video) said “My advice […]

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What do you do for vegan “emergency food”?

November 25, 2010

Sometimes you find yourself in situations where there’s simply nothing to eat, and while there are times where you know it’s coming, at other spots you can just be caught in a jam, but without jam, because jam would solve that problem and how.  Here are some tips on emergency food of the planned and […]

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Surviving the dreaded potluck as a vegan

November 24, 2010

Of course, when I refer to a dreaded potluck I mean the kind where you’re the only vegan attending, so you might as well call it “that thing where everyone else eats your food, maybe.”  It can be a huge source of The Suck, so here are my best tips on how to deal (I […]

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What to do when you’re in a “food rut”

November 23, 2010

If you’re finding yourself in a rut with your meals, having the same thing again and again, here are a few ideas off the top of my head on how to deal with that: The question for the day, officially, is what you do to get out of a food rut, but here’s the bonus […]

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Giving away non-vegan food

September 16, 2010

This came from a Facebook comment about yesterday’s post on throwing out all the non-vegan stuff. Giving away things you’re no longer comfortable with is certainly less wasteful, but isn’t it a little weird? Like you’re saying hey, this is wrong for me to eat, but you already do wrong stuff, so here, take care […]

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“Consider the Oyster” an eye opener

April 12, 2010

Darky from VP sent me a link that’s been going around the internets about, in one person’s opinion, why vegans should consider it acceptable to eat oysters.  And let’s get two quick things out of the way first: oysters aren’t vegan, simply by virtue of their position in the “animal, vegetable, mineral” taxonomy, and yes, […]

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