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Defending veganism in business

December 15, 2010

We’ve talked around this one in previous videos and comments, but there’s a perception out there that it’s hard, if not impossible, to be vegan if you do a lot of business networking and the associated meals. Naw. In fact, I’ve got a new comeback at the ready in case it ever comes up:

The story I’m talking about is The Rise of the Power Vegans, which I kind of made fun of here [URL NSFW, content fine and dandy], but hey, in the right setting, it’s possibly useful.


So it’s outreach week, and like I said yesterday, just being vegan around other people can be a form of outreach. Unfortunately, that includes when you’re sick, run down, or just tired, and you can end up spending more time defending yourself and your diet than actually getting better! I don’t think there’s anyone watching this who hasn’t been “called out” for their diet just because they’ve got a cold. Here are a few new ways to think about that and stop being on the defensive:

What about you? How did you handle someone telling you you’re sick because you’re vegan, even though they apparently can get sick whenever they want and that’s somehow OK? Share your stories (or your frustrations!) in the comments!