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Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to learn new ingredients, and it works for beans better than anything else I can think of (I wouldn’t try it with spices, for example) – even the deadest of palates is going to learn something from this with relatively no risk:

If you want a great way to cook beans, I highly recommend a pressure cooker – we did a video a while back explaining the process, and it’s really not as scary as it seems!


No, this isn’t the “make twice as much and keep half for leftovers” tip for saving time that you always hear – that never works for me, unless the goal was secretly to get me to each twice as much.  Instead, here’s how we made an amazing lunch that only took, oh, a week or so to put together:


The Three Types of Tofu

May 17, 2010

Today I want to give some helpful information about tofu, but I think it’s important to explain why first. Picture this: you’re a new vegan, and you don’t know a lot about it yet, but you know two things: vegans eat tofu, and vegans eat “vegan food.” So you go to the mall and buy […]

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Change your diet, change your brain – MORESO!

February 15, 2010

In today’s newsletter we’re going to be talking about how to leverage a psychological study to better deal with meat eaters who might otherwise give you a hassle, but it turns out that there are a lot of little “brain hacks” out there, and many can be used on yourself.  Here’s one to build a […]

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6 Ways to beat the “recipe reruns”

February 4, 2010

Do you find yourself cycling through the same four or five recipes, week after week? Yeah, me too. For us, some of this came about as part of our (now infamous) kitchen renovation that lasted four months. For a lot of that time we didn’t really have anything close to what we would have considered […]

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