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Hello and welcome to a whole new chapter in our online saga! I don’t know if you noticed it already, but TasteBetter is gone!

Welcome to StayingVegan dot com!

So basically, we’ve taken TasteBetter and a few of the other sites we’ve started lately (Juicy Smooth, Spawn Better, and the Eazy Vegan) and combined them into one site. If you only read the newsletter, this won’t matter much to you, but for the rest of you, I’m hoping that the new organization is going to make things easier both for you (less URLs to remember to check) and for me (less sites to maintain!)

I also wanted to get the “V” word back into the title. Taste Better made sense at the time it was created, but this year I’ve been writing about veganism every week and it seemed almost dishonest not to be more up front about that – I know it confused some newsletter readers, for one thing!

It also reflects the theme that I’ve been working with for a while now. Some people might think I’m being too negative with a title like “Staying Vegan,” but the simple fact is that being vegan can be hard to do, and most of what I do these days is put together resources, tips, and ideas to help people keep on the path that they’ve chosen for themselves – hopefully, for the rest of their lives.

Barnivore and Vegan Porn are going to stay where they are, along with a few other side projects, but Staying Vegan has been trimmed down to just the articles that’ve focused on being better at being vegan – I actually deleted about 4,000 posts last week! (Most of them are still on VP, which is a better place for them, I think.)

There’s still a lot of work to do, but I set today’s newsletter as a deadline, so we’re live now. Please have a look and let me know what you think!

(Oh, and if you’ve got graphic design skills, please get in touch! I need a bit of help there as you can see…)

Hot Tub Time Machine

I know the rebranding might have surprised many of you, but come on – did anyone expect I’d follow up with some writing about a movie with a hot tub that sends people back in time?

Wait! Don’t hit delete yet! I promise I’m going somewhere with this!

OK, so I took a break from the site work this weekend to go watch this movie. It’s pretty funny if you leave your brain at the door, by the way, but this isn’t a movie review. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the trailer (NSFW).

There’s a scene in the beginning (and in the trailer) where the characters realize what happened, and Craig Robinson’s character says “I’m stuck in the 80’s!? How am I supposed to get a job?” (It’s at the 1:40 mark in that trailer.)

…And it got me thinking about veganism, because I can’t even see a movie about four idiots travelling through time without some vegan thoughts, such is my curse, and here’s the deal: if I was stuck in the ’80s, how would I get my vegan cheese?

I’m only half joking when I say that part of me wanted to learn more “first principles” recipes for basic vegan staples just in case I ever got caught in a time vortex.

But today’s newsletter isn’t about preparing for time travel. It’s about appreciating all the awesomeness we have.

If you went vegan just this week, it’s all pretty new for you, but you’ll realize soon enough: just about every month some New Thing comes out that makes veganism even easier. Today someone posted on VP about vegan Twinkies that you don’t even have to cook: you can order them on the internet, apparently (and I’m not linking to that because then I’d have to know where it is, and I’d eat all the Twinkies.)

So three things this week: recognize how awesome we really truly have it, dream about things you can’t even quite imagine, because someone right now is probably working to make them happen, and take a moment to respect an old timer who might have gone vegan in 1986 when they had to make their own tofu because the one health food store in their town closed due to a hydroponics-related fire. No, that’s not me. I waited until the mid ’90s when veggie dogs were available at street vendor carts.

In other words, think about how amazing things really are, even if everyone around you is still eating meat, and think about how the pace of change is growing faster every day!

And as a bonus exercise, if you don’t know how to cook a meal without including 3 different pre-packaged vegan products, try learning a new recipe or two. Hey, it beats avoiding hot tubs for the rest of your life!


This is a week of Big Change, and I want to thank you in advance for sticking with me as we continue to learn together! Thanks for being a subscriber, and for all your inspiratonal feedback, comments, and questions; they really help me grow as much if not more than I hope you do from reading this.

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