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Hi, I hope you had a good weekend and more importantly, I hope your breakfast rocked this morning. If it didn’t, start thinking about tomorrow’s meals today!

This week’s newsletter is a short one. For me, anyway. Because you’re going to write it!

How am I driving?

As I mentioned last week, we’re all learning this stuff at the same time. I bring things up, but it’s your feedback that makes it work, combined with the Monday deadlines that keep things moving forward.

We’ve been going full steam ahead for a few months now, and there have been a few hiccups along the way but from what I can tell, things have been working out well. We’re at a point where we can keep pushing in the same general direction or maybe mix things up a bit, so I want to take the week to ask you what you think about what we’ve done so far and what to focus on next.

I know I ask questions in a lot of these newsletters, and the response has been great, but there are two problems with that approach: sending an email is more work for you than it needs to be, and it’s not anonymous, so you might not be comfortable with giving more critical feedback.

For those reasons, I’ve set up a survey (OK, I also wanted to play with this survey tool…) that’s pretty anonymous (I think it logs your IP address but I’m not collecting emails this time) and pretty short (two pages and a handful of mostly multiple choice questions.)


I’m using the free version of the survey tool, because we blew our budget on pineapples (*cough* please buy some shirts *cough*) so we can only accept the first 100 responses. Please click through quickly to get your vote in, it’ll only take 2 minutes:


I’ll report the results next week with a plan for the next few months of awesomeness that we call the Better Network, and maybe we’ll do this every time the seasons change or something.

This week

That’s not to say we won’t be busy this week! I’ve already got a few articles written up, videos in production, and books being reviewed, so check back soon and often: the Facebook feed is one of the best ways to keep connected:



Thanks again for being a subscriber, and if you’re new, sorry that this week leaves you out in the cold a bit – please stay tuned!

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