Making the most out of media mentions

November 10, 2010

When a big vegan-themed story breaks in the media, it doesn’t mean we’ve won a victory; it means that we’ve got a small window for dialogue and we need to get to work:

There’s an old joke about a guy who prays and prays to win the lottery, and when he finally dies, penniless, he asks Saint Peter at the pearly gates why, after so many years of prayer, he never won.  The answer: “would it have killed you to buy a ticket?”

It’s the same thing with media mentions – they’re just the start of the conversation, and if we don’t use it it’s like walking by the lottery kiosk without making a purchase.  Everything stays pretty much the same.

This is the third part in this week’s series on media. If you want to catch up, on Monday we covered dealing with media frustration and yesterday we talked about lessons from a bookstore, where I discovered that we all miss key facts until we’re ready to see them.

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