The best way to dry your dehydrator’s teflex sheets

September 13, 2010

Teflex sheets are those things we talked about in the “how to make kale chips” episode that prevent sauces and crumbs from falling through the trays of your dehydrator. They are easy to clean and a pain to dry. At least they were, until I had an attack of the obvious:

As I said in the video, I don’t think they sell the dehydrator I have any more, but most of my friends who have them use the Excalibur brand – there’s a 9 tray machine on Amazon
for $219 right now [affiliate link], and don’t think 9 is too big – the counter footprint is basically the same as a smaller one, and trust me on this, if you get into dehydrating you’ll wish you had more than 4 trays.  If you’re in Canada, I haven’t purchased anything from the folks at Green Health but they seem nice and offer free shipping (we make no money off of sales from the GH link, just promoting a Canadian business, is all.)

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