TGIF: Fresh pineapple juice, rum, and insights!

March 13, 2010

After a week filled with a whole lot of JuicyNothing, (at least!) two big insights last night:

The first is that while clever, the TGIF theme of making an alcoholic juice or smoothie has a certain flaw in that it either has to be made in advance or written about the next day, like this post is, because drinking and blogging, while entertaining, has its own set of hazards.  I’d put it as safer than drunken emailing or eBaying, but perhaps not by much.

The second is this: we need to consume juice like (some of us) consume booze.  Cooking’s like this too.  Let me explain:

I made fresh pineapple juice, which, by the way, is incredibly tasty and thick and amazing and I can’t believe I ever drank the canned stuff, but I didn’t have any real plan for what booze to mix it with.  I ended up using peach schnapps and rum in one glass, and then just rum (but far, far too much rum) in the second.

It’s pretty obvious that these weren’t planned drinks, and while I know a few people who pride themselves for having gone to actual bartending school, most of my acquaintances use drink guides as just that: a guide.  The first one or two might be textbook perfect, but as the night goes on proportions slip, new ingredients get added or substituted as bottles empty, and judgements aside, at the end of the night, it’s about having fun and trying new things.

With juicing, it really doesn’t matter what proportions you use when making the ultimate apple carrot ginger juice, for example.  Witness most juice recipes that specify the number of fruits and vegetables to use – they don’t give precise measurements for each juice type down to the ounce or millilitre, and there’s a reason for that: every drink’s a little bit different, and that kind of becomes the thing that matters: it’s about having fun and trying new things.  Or it ought to be, anyway.

Oh, and in lieu of a poorly lit photo (working on those, honest!) I made a music video for you.  Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse was playing in the background, and Angela was doing stuff, unaware of my filmmaking opus:

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angela March 15, 2010 at 1:14 pm

The bonus of the pineapple juice… is pineapple pulp! I’m gonna make muffins with it I hope. Pineapple pulp + coconut milk muffins!? rock!

admin March 15, 2010 at 2:29 pm

Yeah, the pulp was a lot moister than some of the other stuff we’ve juiced, so I’m hoping it’ll turn into something tasty instead of the “wow, that’s a lot of fibre” experiments of the past.

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