Tuesday Twofer: Grapefruit Clementine Juice

February 9, 2010

I had some random fruits at the bottom of the bin, so I decided to add a clementine to the grapefruit juice I’d been having in the mornings lately:

As you can see, it’s a little more orange… It was also a lot sweeter, so this would be a great juice to try if you want to add more grapefruit to your routine but find it too tart.  I can’t imagine an all-clementine juice fitting under my “oh crap that’s too sweet” threshold, but though I’m sure I’ll end up trying it sometime for a Monday One-Day 🙂

I’ve no idea what the nutritional benefits of clementines are that might be separate from what you’re already getting from the grapefruit.  Mostly this is a “hey, these are easy to peel!” solution when you’re fighting to finish off a crate of those little oranges.

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