Live chat at 2PM today!

February 11, 2010

Every Monday we send out a kick ass newsletter in email, MP3, and video formats, and every Thursday we go online LIVE to talk about it in even greater detail.

What? Thursday? That’s TODAY!

At 2PM Eastern (Toronto/NYC time) I’ll be talking about rituals and how you can use them to create unbreakable habits – OR you can use them to break habits that you don’t want anymore.  Your brain is leaking self discipline like a sieve, and rituals are some of the only things that can help you to do the things you know you want to do but can’t seem to find the willpower for.

Click here to RSVP for the event or join the live stream! If you’ve never watched a live show, please click through as soon as possible so you can get an account set up to join the live chat.

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Update: Here’s the recording, thanks so much to everyone who joined the live session!

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