Tuesday Twofer: Carrot Apple Juice

February 17, 2010

This juice takes me back to Christmas 1992.  Time compresses in interesting ways, but for me, in my memory, 1992 was the glory year for informercials, with Stop the Insanity, Tony Robbins, Tony Little (I think,) and, maybe most useful of all, Juiceman Jay Kordich.

The Juiceman's Power of Juicing

Though I wasn’t vegan at the time, my mom was vegetarian, so I found her a $40 juicer and Jay’s book for Christmas that year and then got caught up in the enthusiasm and got the same combo for myself (I wish I could remember the brand, it was really awful.  Grapefruit juice took half an hour from start to finish with the most awkward cleaning process I’ve ever experienced with a juicer…)

I have no idea how valid the claims were in the book, but I thought it was a really useful starter into the world of whole foods, with a big list of produce and the various vitamins and minerals that could be found in each one.  Jay’s story was also in there, in which he claimed (and I’m going purely from memory here) that juicing every day cured his bladder cancer, and in particular carrot-apple juice was his “go to” juice.  (Again, purely from memory, apologies to Mr. Kordich if I’m mistaken, and it’s just a lengthy story to lead up to the juice of the day.)

So today I made it:

Carrot Apple Juice

This was three medium to large sized carrots, and a random collection of apples from the bin: a red delicious and two smaller ones (spartan?), juiced in the Jack LaLanne and producing the pint glass you see here.

Carrots are really sweet on their own, and the apples add a soft tartness to the mix. If you want to make this a Tuesday Threefor, I’d recommend adding a bit of ginger (to taste, but if you’re like me, as much as you can stand!) Ginger’s health benefits are often vague, but it is known to be active against a form of diarrhoea that’s known to cause infant deaths in developing countries, so I like to do my part to help.  Wait, what?

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