A week (or more) of parties

December 7, 2009

"The Cake: Before" by Shawn Allen

We asked the Council of Vegan Parents:

“I want to talk about birthday parties – either your child’s own, or when he or she goes to a friend’s house.  I’m guessing your child has non-vegan friends, so here we’ve got a celebration that usually includes food, and there’s bound to be some non-vegan stuff.  How do you handle things like this?  Do you talk with the parents ahead of time?  Do you let your child make his or her own decisions? What disasters or miracles have come up in your family’s history?”

This week, instead of grouping every response to the question into one big post, since there were so many amazing and thoughtful answers from our team I thought we’d try a post a day to really drill into the topic and see if we can’t get some more great ideas along the way.

The responses will be grouped under this post, or you can just check back every day or so to see what’s new.

Also, if you’ve got a great answer to the party question, you can put it in the comments below, but why not join the council? There’s no obligation to answer every (or any) question in the future, but there’s a great chance that something will come up that you’ve just dealt with, and it’ll help a whole lot of vegan (and even more importantly, aspiring vegan) parents. Send your thoughts via our contact form.

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