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October 6, 2009

Some guy named Michael has an article at the Brown Daily Herald, which is the paper from Brown, which is a school, and I guess that means Michael’s probably a student (the “’12 would suggest it too,) so his mom must be very proud. With the interweb, she doesn’t even have to get the package that he FedExed home; she can just print this off and put it on her fridge. The rest of us can choose to ignore it, or we can study it to realize that we all know a Michael or ten.

Briefly, in “The Vegetarian Delusion,” Michael sets up some straw man arguments and somehow makes it OK that he eats meat because some protesters weren’t trying to stop the seal hunt.

Then he goes on to “discover” the same old tired fact that animals are killed during the production of crops (lots of little critters get caught in the thresher etc.) He leaves out the fact that animals eat way more crops than vegans do, which would mean a plant-based diet would make for a reduction in net crop consumption which would then be a Good Thing for animals everywhere, but I suppose it doesn’t matter to him, because vegans need to maintain an absolute standard of purity before he’ll pay any attention to them and even consider changing his ways. You’ll note that he makes it even easier to do this by talking about vegetarians; veganism isn’t mentioned once.

Believe it or not, I’m not trying to rant at yet another misguided college kid’s amateur scrawlings. I was this guy once, in a lot of ways, and you probably were too. In modern society, I pick up an overall sentiment of “if you can’t save all the animals you might as well kill a whole lot of them,” and we all know that this would be lunacy if we were talking about, say, human babies, but that’s just it: we’re not, and each and every omnivore knows on some level that what they’re doing can be avoided to a huge extent, but I suspect it’s Too Big.

So how do we get the Michaels of the world to stop being, well, themselves?

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